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The business in the south is changing and we're now competing for bigger roles against more seasoned actors from Atlanta and LA.  Actors in this region have ALL the talent and passion needed to be successful, but being good simply isn't enough anymore.   You have to be BETTER than the competition.  Let me help.

If you need private coaching for that big audition, let me help you break through those barriers.  If you need to get your materials in order to take your marketing plan to the next level, I can help you be competitive.  If you feel like LA is calling your name I can help you with both general advice and by answering specific questions that you may have.

My job isn't necessarily to teach you how to act.  My job is to make you a better actor, tighten up your technique, both in the room and on-camera, and to give you the ability to handle directional changes at a moment's notice by understanding the clues inherent in any script.  

If I’m not the right coach for you, or if I’m not available, I’ll always steer you in the right direction to other respected industry coaches. My goal for you as an actor is to help you BOOK THE ROOM so that you can book the job. 

Private coaching

Sometimes you need more one-on-one personal attention than is possible in a classroom environment. Perhaps you are preparing to audition for a new agent, or maybe you have a big audition or callback to prepare for.  Private Coaching is designed to give you that attention.

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Understanding the script, the genre and tone of the production, the arc of the character, and getting down to the nitty gritty of the audition can make the difference between simply auditioning for the part and booking the job. 

Time slot options:
30 minutes/$40 (1-2 pages)
45 minutes/$55 (3ish pages)
60 minutes=$65 (4+ pages+, or 2+ scenes)
*Some shorter scenes may require longer coaching, pages are just a guideline*
*Note:  If you don't see an available time that works for you, please email and inquire about availability*

Career consultations

Are you just starting out on your journey?  Want to submit to an agent? Scored your first agency meeting? Ready to take your career to the next level and need an outside set of eyes to help? Great!  Let's make sure your materials are in order and you know what to expect.  

Relocating to Atlanta?  Moving to LA? Want to make sure you'll be competitive?  Let's make you competitive! Together we’ll create a game plan for you.

Consultations may cover a wide range of topics including:  
Headshots, resumes, demo reels and clips, simple branding/typing as an actor, communicating with an agent, will be covered, and potential additional topics may include: Cover letters, how to prepare a cold-reading, a monologue, or what to expect in an agency meeting?  More advanced topics may be discussed based upon your specific questions and needs.

Consultations are scheduled in 60-minute blocks and require you to email your headshot and resume/demo reel or clips (if you have any)/actors access link and specific industry questions at least 48 hours prior to your meeting for best results.  60 minutes=$100.00

NEW! If you’ve done a 60-minute consultation previously and wish to do a follow up to go over some elements of the session, to get an update, or to get clarity on some elements as you’ve progressed in your career, the following two options are for you:
30 minutes=$45: This session is a chat, Q&A, or discussion on whatever you’d like to discuss, so long as it doesn’t require me to review materials prior to the session.
30 minutes=$55: This session is a chat, Q&A, or discussion, but if I need to review materials prior to the session, this is the option for you (maybe you’ve updated your reel, want me to help with the newest headshots, etc.).


  • If you don’t see an available time that works for you, please email with your desired date, time, and length of session and I will get back to you ASAP with options. 

  • Sessions begin at your scheduled time and unfortunately exceptions cannot be made for traffic, delays, extenuating circumstances, etc. Cancellations made within 24 hours of a coaching or consultation appointment cannot be credited.  Requests made with more than 24 hours notice for a revision to the schedule may be made if available.  Refunds are not offered.

  • Sessions take place at Full Commission Coffee in Grant Park and do not include taping services.

  • If you are purchasing an e-book, please allow 24-hours for the delivery of the product. Upon delivery, no refunds/returns/credit/exchanges will be permitted.

  • Skype sessions (coaching and consulting) are available for actors outside Atlanta and in some cases outside of normally available coaching hours.  

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you.

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Client bookings…a partial visual list.

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