Alex B Collins


Part of the story-A bio, perhaps:

BritMerican* actor Alex Collins is probably out there training for his next Ironman right now.  That’s 140.6 miles of punishment: a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and a 26.2 mile run. In a row. Without stopping.  He chooses to do that. 

*As a first generation American originally from England, Collins characters are evenly split between British and American.

Who is he?
Brooding, rugged, and complex.
Broken, damaged, and tragic.
Deep, reckless, and gets the job done.
Intense, tough, a lost soul.

He’s seen bad things. He’s been through some shit. He remembers where he came from.

He’s country strong.
He’s a hardened detective.
He’s good, but with a reckless streak.
He’s by-the-book, but knows when to break the rules.

What does all that mean?
It means keeping intense focus 24/7 is fucking exhausting.
It means I’m the Lieutenant who covers the Captain’s ass…again and again.
It means my shoulders are broad because the weight of the world turns out to be pretty heavy.